Mark - President
Mark (President) and Judy Broyles (Treasurer)
Ralph (Vice President) and Paula Walker
Phil (Secretary) and Kristen Holloway

Do you believe, as we do, that preserving and strengthening our marriages is essential to our serving God effectively? And that traditional marriage is under attack daily from our culture and media? If so, read on – you may want to know more or even help with this project.

Judy and I have been conducting marriage seminars since 2000. We started hosting these because we believe Godly marriages don’t happen by accident and that Christian couples sometimes need help in making their marriages work. Additionally, we thought a weekend of instruction, sharing, personal time and socialization with those of similar faith would only help our marriages.

Because of tax issues involved, we decided to create a separate entity to ensure the legality of all activities. We incorporated under the name of InLight, Inc.

InLight, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of promoting marriage and family values through seminars/retreats in various locations. To date we have focused on retreats for married couples. Our future plans are to expand to different areas and broaden our scope to include special retreats for other groups such as teens, parents, and families. For those who would benefit by attending but cannot afford to come, we intend to make these retreats more affordable by offering “scholarships” or “grants” to these families as determined by the board of directors and our resources.